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What's On

The anthropological Rudolf Virchow Collection had been in trustee of different institutions in Berlin for longer than 65 years. Since summer 2010 the Berlin Society of Anthropology, Ethnology and Prehistory (BGAEU) cares as the collection's owner for its inventory.

The about 1870 by the world-famous pathologist, prehistorian and anthropologist Rudolf Virchow (1821 - 1902) for teaching purpose established collection of human skulls and skeletons resides since 2010 in the district Treptow-Köpenick in Berlin. With effort of very high funds, which were raised only from the Society's membership fees and donations, it was possible to rehouse the more than 4500 objects in modern, for long-term conservation adequate storage. On 9th July 2011 was the re-opening of the collection storage at the new location, where it is accessible to scientists from all over the world for surveys and analyses. Even before the re-opening, the BGAEU received first requests from Germany, United Kingdom and the United States of America concerning the comprehension of objects from the Rudolf Virchow Collection in university research projects.

Till 2010 the Berlin Medical Historical Museum of the Charité had been the trustee of the anthropological Rudolf Virchow Collection. A new maintenance and use conception of the former storage building as well as constructional defects resulted in today's solution.

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Access to the Collection

The anthropological Rudolf Virchow Collection is currently curated by our member Ms Barbara Tessmann M.A. She is a prehistorian and anthropologist.

If you like to use the collection in connection with a scientific research project, please contact at first Ms Tessmann sammlung@bgaeu.de. If possible, please send her a short message with your request, especially with the following information
   1) the content and aim of your research project,
   2) the methods you mainly intend to use for realisation of your research project,
   3) the institution and/or the client of your research project,
   4) the approximate number and the geographical origin of the objects you would like to examine,
   5) further information, which may be relevant for judgement of your research project by the BGAEU.

Please note that research projects which implicate an irreversible change of the substance of the objects or a transport, has possibly to be discussed by the board of the Society. In this case the board decides as soon as possible, if and in which complexity your research project can be supported by the BGAEU.

In most of the other cases Ms Tessmann will verify your request in a couple of days and contact you to make an agreement concerning your work with the collection. In cases of extensive projects she will contact at first the board of the Society.

If you like to realise your research project by using just the collection documentation or archival material, please contact the archive of our Society (archiv@bgaeu.de).

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Charge Fees for Use of the Collection

The technical and scientific curation as well as the conservation of the anthropological Rudolf Virchow Collection causes high running costs, which have to be financed in full amount by the BGAEU. The size of the takings from membership subscriptions and donations sets a tight limit for this. The Society does not get any public funds.

That is why it is necessary that the BGAEU charges the scientific use of the collection. The fee is applied to cover the costs, which are caused by using the collection. The levying of the fee does not aim at making profits, which is already excluded by the comparatively low calculation.

The use fee is imposed for each working day. The minimum amount for the scientific use of objects from the collection is currently 40,00 €, reduced fee 20,00 €. Should you consider or already intend a scientific use of the anthropological Rudolf Virchow Collection, please ask for the current “Scale of Fees for the Use of the Anthropological Collection of the Berlin Society of Anthropology, Ethnology and Prehistory” by e-mail (sammlung@bgaeu.de) or by mail.

The use fee generally needs to be paid in advance to the below named bank account. Overpaid fees are going to be refund after your stay, unless the BGAEU did not already done work in preparation of your visit. Therefore, please plan your visit at the anthropological Rudolf Virchow Collection thoroughly. We also support you with every kind of information about the objects in the collection. We will always do our best to work out with you an optimal schedule for your visit at the anthropological Rudolf Virchow Collection.

A later extension of your stay is generally possible. It needs only a formless written or oral application. This will be sustained, if the BGAEU is able to provide rapidly the organisational conditions, especially if the supervision during your longer stay is ensured and if a working place could be provided.

At the first day of your stay at the collection you will get access to the requested objects for at least six hours, at the following days for eight hours. A working day longer than eight hours per day could be arranged individually without additional costs. The user is not authorised to make a claim for a more than eight hours

Please use the following bank account for money transfers of any charge fees in connection with your stay at the anthropological Rudolf Virchow Collection:
account holder: BGAEU e.V.
account number: 106015100
bank sorting code: 10010010
bank: Postbank Berlin
IBAN: DE89 1001 0010 0106 0151 00

Full Members of our Society always have to pay the reduced fee.

In reasonable exceptional cases it is possible to abandon the charge fee.

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Advice for Quotations

If you quote our objects in scientific works, please note the following advice for quotations.

The correct quoted inventory number of the anthropological Rudolf Virchow Collection always consists of three parts:
1) the owner of the object,
2) group of the collection, to which the object belongs to and
3) the consecutive number of the object in the group of the collection (with an addition, if there is one).

Please use the following German abbreviation for the Berlin Society of Anthropology, Ethnology and Prehistory as the owner of an object: BGAEU.

Here are some examples for complete inventory numbers:

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(At the moment there is no content.
For information about the history of the collection, please see also Ulrich Creutz' short contribution „100 Jahre anthropologische Rudolf-Virchow-Sammlung“ [only in German].)

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Historical Catalogues

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